Business Intelligence Development

A well run business operates on data that has been certified to be accurate and arrives in time to be actionable adding intelligence and utility. Kate Grass of Grass Williams Enterprises has been developing business intelligence systems for over a decade in the aerospace manufacturing industry. As a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) Kate is well versed in SQL development and enjoys diving into data tables to find the information that your business needs to operate more efficiently.

Business Intelligence Development Stages:

  1. Strategy
    Before Kate touches a line of code she needs to work with you and your team to identify what data is needed to make better decisions so you can identify profit margins, loss leaders, or thingamagigies.
  2. Development
    In the development stage Kate is pretty much autonomous and turns code around very quickly. If you have changes or updates feel free to reach out to her and she can make adjustments on the fly.
  3. Testing
    Before and code hits production it is tested by the actual users to ensure that the final product will give them exactly what they need. Kate works closely with the users to ensure everything is in its ideal state and nothing short of perfect.
  4. Production
    Using industry best practices Kate works closely with the IT department to ensure a smooth roll out into the production environment. Zero downtime is accepted and all systems are monitored closely.

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